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Are you in need of a strict yet nurturing domme mommy??

Hello, Baby Boy or Sissy!

I'm your Domme Mommy here to guide, teach, and nurture you depending on your needs and interests.

Like most everything in the domination and fantasy roleplay, this can be done in sveralways. I can go from being a strict mommy to a nurturing caring mommy or both. It all depends on your interests. Mommy, stepmom, auntie, and babysitter go back far in time probably to the time man and woman first were created. Some are more interested in the Mrs, Robinson type of session where the sexy older naughty neighbor lady or best friend of your mother teaches you all about life and pleasing a woman. To the opposite of the realm of being infantized and treated like a baby with diapers, pacifiers, baby bottles, and baths in the tub with your baby toys. You could need to be pampered and nurtured or you could need to be punished for bad behavior again this all depends on your specific interests.

No matter whether you want an experience with an older hot and sexy woman or to be treated as a baby I can accommodate. I've done both scenes over the past 17 years and everything in between. I have the experience, skills, and props for any of the above fantasy roleplay scenes mentioned. Feel free to elaborate on your interests once screened and before sending a deposit just in case we're not a good match I will tell you so. I want our appointment to be an enjoyable and fun experience!

If you're still unsure or if you live too far away for a real-time session you can always call me on my Niteflirt line or sext with me via Niteflirt. I am "LA Sensual Domination" on Niteflirt. You'll find a blog and also a banner on the bottom of every page for Niteflirt just click it on to be taken directly to my advert.

Mommy is looking forward to hearing from you so don't disappoint me.

XOXO Domme Mommy Romie

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