I was looking for something different when I ran across Romie's website. Its not an easy task finding a provider that is good at roleplay and offers companion combination. Filled out her contact form and made arrangements for an extended session. She looks even better in person and was a nurturing and experienced in many areas of my interests. This sexy lady comes through with everything she advertises.


Fun Sensual Domination.

In addition to traditional services, Romie advertises sensual domination services as well. Without going into intimate details, we arranged for her to be my stepsister, who was enacting her "revenge" upon me for some of my own naughty behavior. And boy did she! Fun was definitely had by us both! Romie's incall was safe and clean. Communication was excellent. She is highly recommended for a fun sensual dom experience.


I was interested in trying erotic hypnosis with roleplay as a  therapist mixed with some vanilla girlfriend. The erotic hypnosis portion of our session really put me in the right deep trance headspace I was in need of. I wanted to do 2 different roleplay scenes since I had booked 2 hrs so for the first scene she was my therapist that took it further than just therapy. I was so aroused after the hypno portion. She teased and pleased me with lots of dirty talk and different techniques. After a brief break and interesting conversation we started my 2nd roleplay scene as step mommy. Step mommy catching her step son playing in her lingerie then takes him to guide him how to act with future gf's. This lady really know how to tease and please. I'll be visiting her again on my next trip through.



 I've seen Goddess a number of times over the past 6 years. Mostly for very detailed roleplay scenes and she is #1 in my book and I've traveled all over the world seeing various femdoms, dominatrix and goddesses. I can give her an outline of my desired scene and she always gives it a 100% plus. On a few occasions I've had her arrange a double roleplay session with a friend. She works out of an apartment, parking is easy. I highly recommend!

Robert R.

 I was interested in having her doing a tie tease and deny session with Goddess. She created an amazing experience and looking forward to booking again with her again soon. She restrained me to a huge bed with under bed restraints they were somewhat padded so being tied down for 90 minutes wasn't uncomfortable at all. She undressed from her casual dress to reveal a sexy satin chemise corset type of lingerie, garter belt, thigh hi stockings and high heels. She is such a huge tease. She started by playing with my nipples, kissing, licking, nibbling, you get the idea. I could feel her warm body and silky lingerie rubbing against my body as she teased every inch of my body. She asked I not get to explicit but she is an expert at tickling your P-spot as she likes to call it. She has lots of toys and all various sizes. She asked me a few questions as to my particular interests but certainly seemed I didn't need to clue her in on anything. This Goddess is as exactly as she describes herself. she really enjoys men and teasing them sensually. Needless to say I left very happy and looking forward to another booking with some other interests I have had in mind I'd like to play out for many many years.

Baby Pee P Danny

This was my first experience with domination and was super nervous. Goddess eased my anxiety and nervousness quickly. She is  a sexy nice woman that was interested in knowing more about my fantasies and helping me explore them. She made me feel comfortable and not embarrassed to tell her some of my deepest secrets. Goddess greeted me in a black button down dress and her bodacious breasts were over flowing in it with black stockings and black satin lingerie underneath the dress.


I have a lot of fantasies I want to explore but for this first session we started with something I had been dreaming about forever. I wanted goddess to be my nanny or mommy and she was didn't have an issue with either. I've been a bad baby boy and needed a good spanking. She started with her hand then a sampling of various paddles on my bottom. Since I had been a bad boy and wet my bed she made me put on a diaper and put on some  baby gel on my bottom it smelled just delightful. I was being kinda whiney so I had to suck on a pacifier while she got my diaper on me. I really liked the sound of the diaper all squishy, I had an accident in my diaper. So she had to change it again and wasn't happy about it.  I got another spanking and a toy put in a secret place. We watched the cartoon together that made me want this fantasy. I could feel my special place vibrating and pulsating inside me. I can't give you all the details but do not hesitate to book with goddess to make your fantasies become a reality.

Sissy Trish

 Emailed with Mistress a few days in advance of desired appointment. Sent a small deposit so insure my appointment and I was serious about booking. Greeted me with a hug and friendly conversation. Once the scene started she became much more in control which is what I had asked for. I wanted a sissy, slut, slave session and so she fully dressed me and put me in pink lacey panties, bra, wig, makeup and some high heels. She is very good with nipple torture,  CBT, spanking, tease and denial, all of which I had asked for and enjoyed. Ended with a ruined orgasim scereno. A must see.

Foot Slave Boi

 She is a unique and gorgeous Goddess with a girl-next-door attitude which I love. However, she is not to be underestimated. I was allowed to worship Her beautiful feet and legs. What a privilege it is to kiss her arches and calves. They are a fetishist's dream! She enjoyed it so I was then allowed to give Her a backrub. Her skin feels very smooth and tastes even better. She then took me over her knee and gave me a thorough spanking while I counted each one.  Goddess shows Mastery in everything she does. I was allowed to release while kneeling in front of her. She was torturing my nipples at the same time. I really appreciate how she allows me to look at her.


 She's fantastic for FemDom and Fetishist. I hadn't seen Goddess for some time and I missed Her dearly. She is the most pleasant Dominatrix I've ever served. She doesn't believe in being very strict solely for its own sake and that means a lot to me. She greeted me with a hug. We talked for a bit, and caught up. She looked even sexier than when I'd last seen her. First, she tied me down to the big bed and bound my cock & balls. I was as erect as I could be given the situation. Teased me from head to toe. Two hours of teasing and denying. She customizes each session to your interests. I've seen her many times. Always a pleasure to visit with Goddess.


 If your are looking for an attractive and compassionate sensual goddess. Upon arrival, I was extremely pleased. Goddess  had dressed as discussed. The session started with a gentle kiss, just enough to get me aroused. She then reached down to check out my package. Before long Goddess had ordered me to strip and obey her. She bound my wrists and ordered me to start worshiping her stunning legs and feet. I cannot tell you how much of a turn on it is to obey Goddess's orders and worship her soft skin from her toes all the way up to her beautiful natural breasts. Then, it was on to the face sitting. She definitely knows what she is doing--worth seeing.

Phil P.

 She definitely offers of a one-of-a-kind experience and does so at the same time she is a hot sexy woman, and she is very professional about her approach. She has a private Midcity apartment, easy to find and easy parking. Mind-blowing, probably the best word to describe her sessions. Seems very newcomer friendly, great choice even if you don't know what you are in to (definitely still learning myself.  I more or less asked for a samplers platter of the lighter play. Everything was very clean and covered when it comes to the toys she uses. A very pleasurable experience.