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Do you go on dinner dates?

Yes, I would love to tease you relentlessly during a dinner date then come back to my domestic setting or your  location and have my way with you.

Have you ever been on any podcasts?

Yes, I was on one of the first trail blazing podcast in 2012 DVDASA hosted by David Choe,  Asa Akira, Steve Lee and Bill. I've workng on a blog about it you can go there for more details.

Have you ever been in an Porn movies?

Yes, I've done Milf porn many years ago. I'm under the radar and do not associate my pornn name with my escort name because of previous stalker issues and a few other reasons. I would tell you once we met though if you asked.

Do you see couples or women?

No, I only see men.

Do you see clients that are new with no experience?

Yes, I enjoy training newbies and very much newbie friendly and will put you at ease in no time.

Do you travel abroad?

Yes, I'm open to traveling anywhere and passport ready.

Do you have an age limit or see young clients?

I believe one can be a gentleman whether 19 or 80 years old. Same with being a jerk age does not matter. I am the Boss so you would be put in your place if you do not act right. I do not like whiners or complainers. 

Why do you not post a phone number?

These days its much easier to book and screen potential new guests viwithmy booking form or email. Over the years, there has been more and more problems by posting a phone number and this seems to be the best way for me to book. It also eliminates the true serious inquiries as well as I have other ventures that keep me busy. No one likes timewasters or fantasy bookers so this is how I weed them out generally.

Why do I have to send a deposit?

To reserve your time and mine, I require a small discreet 30$% deposit. This is  how a true professional handles their business so no ones time is not wasted. I can tell you in the 6 years I've been requiring deposits its really cuts down on timewasters and no call no show's. Although, in the past 6 months I've had 6 flake even with a deposit. I'm quite lenient as far as if you give me 24 hours notice your welcome to use the deposit towards another date in the future. I've never had to return a deposit but if I would need to cancel I would return it immediatley.

Do you have another job?

I am retired and do this because I love men and the experiences I have entertaining them. I'm an entrepeneur and always interested in new ventures. I make websites including the one you are viewing along with a few other websites I maintain for myself and others. I'm interested and invested in cryptocurrency.

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