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Edging - Orgasm Control - Tie, Tease and Deny

Are you curious about edging and orgasm control?

Edging is a form of sensual play that extends your pleasure and fun. It involves lots of sensual teasing and more teasing. Teasing can be done a number of ways. I have plenty of ways to tease you and bring you just to the edge, then backing off and then back to more sensual teasing until you finally can't take it any longer and need to have an explosive release. Sensation play is involved and I have numerous props and toys to assist me as well as using my own body. Sometimes I restrain and blindfold my guests to a huge California King bed and other times I may not do either. I'll ask you and you can let me know which you'd prefer. We could do this from a short hour to a longer 2 hours or longer appointment. I know how much others enjoy being edged whether or not they knew their was a name to call it. In particular, men really enjoy this and I have almost endless was to tease you and keep you on the edge for a long period of time.

There's so much more pleasure that can be achieved with sensual domination than say a regular vanilla type of session. I have many years of experience and would love to tease and play with you keeping you right on the edge until you can not take it any longer. Why not be adventurous and explore something new. Maybe you already know about it and would enjoy a session with me.

So, what are you waiting for? Fill out my booking form and lets have some teasing fun!

I've attached a link below on edging to help enlighten you more.

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