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Tips to not get Scammed. How to avoid bait & Switch. How to meet legitimate providers.

There are LOTS of bait-and-switches out on the web as well as scammers. To keep yourself safe from numerous bad situations that could occur you should research the provider you are interested in booking just as a good provider will verify a client is safe to visit with her.

As you can see from the picture on this blog and in my selfie gallery I now and then will post a dated picture to verify I am who I present myself. These types of pictures can not be edited or copied but they could be stolen.

Google her contact information first! You can often find reports on fakes via google.

If you are not computer-savvy or still confused after reading my blog feel free to email me at and I'd be happy to help you detour being scammed by a fake.

Does she have a website?

A professional and reputable provider will have a website where all her information and pictures can be found. There are a few right now I've noticed that have gone as far as creating a professional website so please google them thoroughly before booking.

Does she have reviews?

This is helpful but not necessary by any means. I know a number of providers that do not participate in the review system. They will appear legitimate by how they present their information on their website and will most likely have a personal blog located on her site along with professional pictures. I'm not a fan of reviews because I believe what goes on behind closed doors should be between those individuals. But, you will find reviews on me on a number of review websites. I've copied a number of them to my own personal website as well as added some that gentlemen have sent me after a rendezvous.

Does she tweet?

Many professionals tweet and it can be easier on our end to show our personalities over the time-consuming blogging can be. How long has she had the account will be posted on the profile to? Is the account locked? Why is it because she is scamming or because of a stalker? Sometimes you can also find pictures here not published on her website or ads. You can see I've been on Twitter since 2009 verifying my legitimacy.

Are her pictures really her or of some internet web model or stolen from another provider?

Google Images and are your friends. Get the properties HTML tag from her pictures and run it on TinEye to validate those are HER pictures. A different way to do this would be to right-click and search on Google. It will show you the true owner of the pictures. Does she only have selfie pictures? Does she have NO selfies? Not a good sign!!! Personally, I have 2 galleries one of selfies which many refer to as candids, and another one of professional pictures. Oftentimes, professional pictures can be over-edited and only a professional may know the difference. My professional photographers know how to edit with not overdoing it. Signs of over-editing could be weird-looking belly buttons, no belly button, skin tone is just way too shiny, and really weird blurs on their tushies just to name a few.

Does she blog?

A smart provider will blog for a number of reasons. It helps with ranking on search engines like Google, Bing, Duckduckgo and Yahoo. It also helps you to get to know more about her and feel safe booking an appointment.

Google her and see how many cities she is advertising in at the same time.

Some ladies tour and travel to different cities BUT you will not find their ads in multiple cities saying there is more than one town with the same dates they claim to be in other cities. If they are legit they'll have different dates for each city.

Websites I recommend right now to find a safe legitimate provider are Preferred411, Eros or Erosguide. I'm finding the scammer ads on Adultlook, CityXguide, Adlist and many others.

I can not reiterate enough how important it is that you verify a provider as well as that she screens you as well. If yo call someone up on the phone and they say come on over more likely than not you'll be walking into a very bad situation. Anyone can throw up an ad with some stolen or random pictures. I value my safety and it is my first priority as well so should you. So, please be careful in choosing your provider so you leave happy and not end up in a bad situation.

Additional notes. 04/04/2022

Asking if one is associated with LE/law enforcement will not save you from arrest. LE will do whatever they darn well please to make arrests and money including lying. In Los Angels not for sure about other states or cities but they want same-day appointments to make their stings., So, a provider that requires you to book ahead 24 hours or more will not be affiliated with LE. Make sure you've also thoroughly checked her out with the posted information above. Website, social media, reviews but not a deal breaker plenty of LE on review sites working on both sides of the review sites.

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