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Fantasy Roleplay Ideas and Options

Are you interested in some fantasy roleplay?

Fetish and roleplay friendly. Fantasy roleplay such as Sensual Erotic Hypnotist / Hypnosis / Hypno, Hot Neighbor Lady, Sexy Secretary, Teacher, Nurse / Doctor, Boss Lady, Spy Agent Seductress, Therapist, Psychologist, Latex Vixon, Step Mommy, Mommy, Dommy Mommy, Best Friends Mom, Auntie, Nanny, Babysitter, Goddess complete with roleplay genre dirty talk.

When I first got onto the internet I was a cam girl/phone sex operator and then quickly learned that was not enough for me I needed one on one connection and interaction. I have many years of experience doing so many variations of roleplay I could write a few books but I'll blog about some of them instead.

I'd have to say the most popular is the older woman whether one wants to refer to it as the naughty neighbor lady, Mom's best friend, Step Mom, or Mommy roleplay. I really do not care to use the term MILF as that is meant for women with actual children and I only have fur kids by choice. The older woman goes back centuries probably but the thing I find most related to is the movie, Mrs. Robinson. Boys' first sexual feelings generally come from being attracted to their mother's best friend, an older babysitter, or auntie. So, it makes perfect sense to me that one would want to live out this fantasy in real-time in life if the situation presents itself. I'm here for you whether you!

The running contender for fantasy roleplay would be a sexy secretary, boss lady, and nurse or doctor after these. I've done many other fantasy roleplay scenes as well just ask and I'll try my best to accommodate your interests.

One of the most original fantasy roleplay scenes I've ever done was where I was a princess warrior and then switched to a superpower hero woman halfway through the session.

I'm open-minded and would love to have you visit for your fantasy roleplay session.

Disclaimer: I do not do submissive roles.

Thank you for reading my blogs.

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